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Warts can be a horrible embarrassment. They're unsightly, ugly, gross and, worst of all, irritating. When you've been afflicted with these hideous lumps you can only think about one thing: Relief. Normally, the only way to get rid of warts is to visit your doctor for expensive medical wart removal procedures that are often time-consuming and painful. Now there's a safe and effective way for you to remove unsightly warts from your legs, hands, arms and personal areas in the comfort of your own home without a prescription: Wartrol.

Wartrol is fortified with ingredients approved by the FDA for their ability to effectively remove warts safely at home. The formula works fast, is painless to apply, and best of all: it really works!

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Over-the-counter topical treatments containing salicylic acid work on warts. Doctors often prefer them over laser


Don't try to remove warts yourself by scraping tearing or cutting. You should use an Over-the-Counter medicine to treat warts on the skin.


Nonprescription and over-the-counter wart medications are recommended as self-care approaches that can help you treat plantar warts. Use them to help eliminate warts completely.


A new study shows that 50% of men are infected with HPV that causes warts. About 90% of the men are able to get rid of it on their own with Over-the-Counter treatments

Easy to Use

Dip the application brush into the Wartrol liquid

Locate the wart. Apply Wartrol™ liquid to the wart using the application brush. Air dry for about 60 seconds.

Allow about 18-19 minutes for the powerful Wartrol™ liquid solution to begin dissolving the wart. Do not cover the wart with clothing or band-aid during this time. Repeat these 3 steps daily until the wart is gone.

Client Testimonials

For the last few years I've suffered with symptoms of warts, but have never been able to track down a product that offers relief. Now I feel so much better and my confidence is restored. Thanks, Wartrol!


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Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which enters your body through tiny cuts, breaks or other vulnerable sites on the skin of your feet. These warts often develop and pressure points and can be painful and unsightly.

While it’s best to use an Over-the-Counter medicine like Wartrol to combat symptoms of warts, there are self-care techniques that can help control your warts.

  • Be careful to avoid touching, picking or scratching warts.
  • Make sure to let your partner know of your condition –always adhere to safe sex.
  • Be sure to wash your hands often with hot water and soap
  • Warts can spread from contact – so do not touch them.

While these steps can help you better care for your warts, for quick and lasting relief from warts symptoms us 

Wartrol uses many of the same ingredients administered by physicians and dermatologists to remove warts in their offices. While they typically charge thousands of dollars for these procedures, Wartrol lets you enjoy the same benefits without a prescription or a doctor's visit! Now you can get safe, effective and fast relief from home for only a fraction of what you'd spend at the doctor.

Fast-Acting Relief

The Wartrol formula is specifically prepared to offer fast relief from Warts symptoms. The unique combination of FDA-Approved ingredients and natural oils have made Wartrol one of the fastest-acting Wart Removal Products Available.


The ingredients in Wartrol have long been used to remove warts safely and effectively. Individually, these ingredients have been clinically proven and FDA-Approved for Safe Wart Removal. Never before have these ingredients been combined in such a complete formula for wart removal. This unique formulation makes Wartrol the ultimate Wart Removal Product on the Market.

Proprietary Wart Removal Formula

Wartrol uses a unique blend of FDA-approved ingredients and all-natural oils that help initiate a scientific process called Keratolysis. This process involves thinning the toughened layers of skin produced by the HPV virus at the site of the wart, so they can be shed. This shedding helps weaken the HPV virus so warts are removed easily and effectively. Combining those FDA-Approved ingredients with Natural Oils not only removes the

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Wartrol is a topical solution that you can apply directly to areas of your body affected by warts. The FDA-approved ingredients in Wartrol help attack warts directly with a small application to the surface.

A few drops of the Wartol Solution allows these ingredients to penetrate the Wart quickly and begin offering relief right away. This topical solution fights warts directly for painless and effective wart relief where you need it most.

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My problems with Warts have led to years of self-doubt. Since taking Wartrol I feel like a brand new man again!

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I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for your Warts product. My husband and I both take it, and our lives have much improved since.

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Since I began using Wartrol, I've once again felt assured when I'm with the ladies. I appreciate your wonderful product.